BIHL Collectors Gallery

This pottery gallery is a showcase of BIHL collections from several collectors around the world. The collections featured here are NOT for sale and specific details of their owners have been deliberately omitted in order to ensure privacy and security. We are most grateful to everyone who has submitted pictures and information about their BIHL collections and look forward to posting many more BIHL pictures here in the future.

If you would like to pass any comments or information or add new pictures to the BIHL Collectors Gallery please mail to


How to use the BIHL Collectors Gallery?

On this website, a structured overview of BIHL pottery is given. This BIHL pottery is arranged according to its 4-digit model numbers (most often) present on the bottom of the particular pottery. BIHL pottery with the same 4-digit model number, so having the same model with different decorations, however, is arranged by adding an additional serial number (x) behind the model number (e.g. 2959-x). Hyperlinks are used on each page so that one can easily browse to other related pottery with the same decoration. Sometimes, however, no 4-digit model number is present on the bottom of the pottery. In that case, BIHL pottery is listed in the "BIHL No Number" category.





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